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Residence Remodel

san ramon, ca

a little background

Project Information

This remodel project called for a change to the look and feel of the home, in order to better reflect the family’s more contemporary lifestyle.

The client wanted to open the closed kitchen to an informal, but large and open, dining area to their family room. However, there were multiple walls dividing up these spaces, plus a powder room in the middle of it all which needed to be moved.

Originally, the client wanted to keep the traditionally separated dining room. However, when I shared my alternate idea of opening the whole back of the house to have a larger kitchen, they were thrilled with the concept.

Property Stats


4 bedrooms

2.5 baths

2356 sf

a look back

Before the Remodel

all in a day’s work

Project Challenges

Since some of the walls separating the existing dining, kitchen, nook, and family room were structural, we brought on a structural engineer to provide some drawings and work out sizing the beam to go across the long space.

The clients also wanted to have a kitchen island, however, the overall width of the existing space was too narrow to allow for a properly sized island of any use. In the end, the client chose to go with a raised peninsula for casual dining instead.

When the job was about 75% complete in construction, the contractor they hired resigned and left the job. I assisted the client in working with a new contractor to complete the project as they had intended.

finding answers

Project Solutions

The entire back of the house was opened to create a new larger kitchen which now opened to the dining and living areas.

In order to accomplish the open living area, walls had to be moved and the coat closet, pantry, and powder room all had to be relocated. Their lower level powder room was tucked it away under the stairs, and the coat closet and pantry are now near the dining room area.

Throughout the project, contemporary building materials were used such as travertine, granite counters, and soft modern colors the client received a more modern and brighter feel for the main level of their home.

reaching the finish line

During & After the Remodel

Ready To Build Something?

Let's discuss what you have in mind for your next project and how we might be able to help.

Ready To Build Something?

Let's discuss what you have in mind for your next project and how we might be able to help.


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